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Concrete Preparation

Excavation: The first step toward your new concrete project is ground removal. Sod and black dirt cannot hold concrete. Soil traps moisture and is an unstable base.

Concrete Removal Concrete removal/ demo: Old concrete can be unappealing, misshapen, even dangerous. Often old concrete needs to be removed in order to put in the new concrete project. Finding someone that is fast and effective to rip out old concrete is tough. QCT concrete will remove your old concrete and take it away.

Base prep: Base work refers to the ground prep before concrete goes in. Ideally, the ground beneath concrete is strong and has water drainage. A level of compacted gravel is the best base for concrete. Compacted gravel does not hold water, but allows it to drain to the ground below. Concrete can absorb water, which may result in future cracking.

Forming Sidewalk Form work: Form work refers to the constructed pattern the concrete is intended to be, whether it’s a stairway, landing, patio, pool deck, sidewalk, deck, hot tub pad, or driveway. A driveway with straight edges is a relatively simple shape, however, different techniques like organic curvatures or flowing, thick edges can bring an interesting style to the landscape and elevate the look of a home. I have many different ideas that can be applied to create a new look for your home.

Concrete pouring: Organization, timing, and skill are imperative to an effective pour. Concrete is expensive and temperamental: it takes a person with knowledge of the medium to have a successful pour. Pouring concrete properly will allow for your desired finish to be applied.

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