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Concrete Finishing

The most visible, and important, part of concrete is the finishing. The type of finish applied determines how your concrete will ultimately look and last. A few examples are:

Polished Concrete:

A smooth, troweled finish applied either by hand held steel trowels or by a power trowel. Garages, basements, and shops are usually finished this way. Polished concrete examples.

Broomed or Brushed Concrete

Small straight lines in the concrete that allows for traction and a clean look. Very practical and easy to keep clean. Most driveways and sidewalks have a broomed finish. View broomed concrete examples.

Exposed aggregate

Once the concrete is poured, the very top few millimetres of the surface is chemically treated to not set. This thin layer is then washed away revealing the small colourful rock, or aggregate, underneath. View brushed concrete examples.

Stamped Concrete

rubber textured mats are placed and depressed onto the surface of the setting concrete, leaving a rocky or brick like pattern. There are many different kinds of stamps, such as: European fanned brick, Roman slate, wood plank, grapeview borders, seashell textures, and compass textures, to name just a few.View stamped concrete examples.


The top layers of the concrete is treated with a chemical mixture that burns the very top off, leaving a smooth yet textured, almost slightly exposed look. Effective for a unique patio or entrance way.


popular a few years ago, but still a nice finish is called swirl. Like the broom, swirl leaves a texture good for traction and has minimum aftercare. Different swirls are peacock, clamshell, figure eight.

Acid staining

Muriatic acid is a volatile chemical that can burn colour right into the concrete. Used effectively, acid staining can be a sharp, modern way of accenting your polished floor. Show rooms and restaurants use this finish to make their floors pop.View acid staining concrete examples.

Other techniques

The ways to enhance the look of concrete is endless, some examples are; inlays, acid etching, water staining, sandblasting, overlay systems, are just a few.

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