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Concrete Aftercare

Concrete sealant prep: after the pour and the concrete has set, often it needs to be cleaned prior to sealing. A firm wash and, sometimes, some remedial work needs to be done, such is the nature of concrete. The surface of the concrete can cure differently in certain areas. Whiteness and splotchiness is common and part of the curing process.

Sealing Stamped Concrete Sealing: sealer is the protector of the concrete. Like nearly everything out there you get what you pay for; QCT uses a 2 part sealing system that is top of the line. First application is a cure and seal that allows the concrete a full cure. Concrete cures for 28 days to reach full strength. In the Okanagan’s hot climate, concrete can cure quickly and lose some of its strength. Cure and seal allows for a full cure as it traps the necessary moisture in the concrete. Second part is a variant of glosses giving the concrete that wet shiny look. Optimally, sealant should be applied every year, usually before winter, to keep your concrete protected from the harsh season.

Aftercare and up keep: The longevity of ornamental concrete requires upkeep. Resealing and proper treatment of concrete is imperative for a long-lasting product. Salt and ice-melters can cause spalling, small surface chipping. The porous nature traps the melted water and then expands after it freezes, hydraulically pushing the thin layer of concrete up. This results in small patches of unsightly, spalled concrete.

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